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de Havilland DH.61 Giant Moth


The de Havilland DH.61 Giant Moth was a 1920s British large single-engined biplane transport built by de Havilland at Stag Lane Aerodrome, Edgware. Intended primarily for use in Australia, a number were also shipped to Canada

Following the success of the de Havilland DH.50J in Australia, the company was asked to design a larger replacement using a Bristol Jupiter engine. The cabin had room for six to eight passengers with the pilot in an open cockpit behind the wings. The aircraft took only 10 weeks to design and the prototype first flew in December 1927. A total of 10 aircraft were built, including one in Canada built from components, with the rest coming from the Stag Lane production line.

Model Scale 1/37

Giant Moth Proto_edited.jpg
Giant Moth QANTAS.jpg

Prototype G-EBTL




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