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DHC Dash 8


The De Havilland Canada DHC-8,[3] commonly known as the Dash 8, is a series of turboprop-powered regional airliners, introduced by de Havilland Canada (DHC) in 1984. DHC was later bought by Boeing in 1988, then by Bombardier in 1992; then by Longview Aviation Capital in 2019, reviving the De Havilland Canada brand. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW100s, it was developed from the Dash 7 with improved cruise performance and lower operational costs, but without STOL performance. Three sizes were offered: initially the 37–40 seat -100 until 2005 and the more powerful -200 from 1995, the stretched 50–56 seats -300 from 1989, both until 2009, and the 68–90 seats -400 from 1999, still in production. The QSeries are post-1997 variants fitted with active noise control systems.

Model Scale 1/55

AMerica West64654_edited_edited_edited.j

America West Express





United Express Grey.jpg

US Express Gray


United Express White.jpg

United Express


Canadian Coast Guard.jpg

Canadian Coast Guard


E-9 Widget000000.jpg

USAF E-9 Widget


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